Tribes: Exploring the DNA of the World’s Cultures through their rituals and celebration

TRIBES is Hunter’s photographic exploration of the DNA, beliefs and faiths of many of the world’s cultures and communities, in which he provides an insight into the need to respect the differences in these cultures. It’s also an opportunity to journey through these different cultures and beliefs practised in the world, and explore what makes them all tick.

To understand these great cultures needs a window into the soul. Rituals and Celebrations have always been just that: a way of entering into a world of myth and legend, drama and music, colour and sound. 

Hunter’s exploration of the DNA of the world’s cultures has made him acutely aware that their inhabitants all lead totally diverse lives – but the linking commonality, throughout, is the quite incredible power of belief.

In 35 years of reporting from more than 70 countries across 5 continents Hunter has been privileged to witness cultures where people look at the world very differently; and during this time he has attended festivals and been invited to participate in ceremonies and rituals that have remained unchanged for centuries – and in some cases thousands of years. Supported by Hunter’s imagery and videos, TRIBES provides a snapshot of these experiences.

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Aboakyer Deer-Hunt Festival, Winneba, Ghana, 2003
Aboakyer Deer-Hunt Festival, Winneba, Ghana, 2003